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Deer Stalking in the UK

20th November 2019


As the November Deer Season is now open, we thought we would touch on the history of this quintessentially English country sport…

Deer stalking initially began in the highlands and moors of the UK and has spread throughout much of the world as a result of British influence. England, Scotland and Wales are home to a wide variety of deer species, including native red deer, fallow deer, and roe deer, as well as a host of introduced deer species from around the world, including sika deer, Pere David deer, hog deer, muntjac, and Chinese water deer.

Stalking is carried out for a number of reasons. The main reason is to control the population. Since wolves became extinct in the UK, deer do not have any natural predators.

Another reason in more recent times is that; as we become a nation of 'foodies', venison is increasingly becoming a more mainstream meat on British plates.

Deer stalking in 2019 is as popular as it ever has been. Across the country (with the exception of Middlesex that has no wild deer) deer numbers are managed through stalking.

Most stalking takes place in either the early hours of the morning or late at night. Only in Scotland and the Lake District that have large, open hillsides is deer stalking done during the day.

Here at C³ we understand how important it is to our Members that they are sufficiently covered for every situation whilst participating in any Country Sport. To give you peace of mind every Member is covered under our Master Policies for:


Insurance is valid throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland. Cover across the European Union and Worldwide also available.

Brexit… The Effect on our Members…

24th October 2019



We are proud to offer our members a great range of benefits, including market leading country sports insurance, at unbeatable value for money. And despite the turmoil and questions that my may be rasied as we exit the EU, members of C³ can expect just plain old business as usual from our cover!

This will be a great relief to our customers, especially those in Ireland.

Unfortunately, as you may or may not be aware, the Irish leisure/outdoor pursuits market is currently in a state of disarray. When the largest Insurer pulled out of the market in April/May 2019, many operators (adventure parks, water parks, Paintball, Splatball, rock wall climbing, zipwire, camping, bushcraft etc etc) were left operating illegally – with no Public Liability cover.

Here at C³ we anticipated the possible effect Brexit could have on our members, and pre-empted any issues that may have arisen, therefore ensuring all members, whether in UK, ROI or will have continuous and seamless cover under the C³ membership.

Man’s Best Friend

3rd September 2019


Taking your friend out for the day is a great bonding experience and that doesn’t differ whether your friend is human or canine.

Ever since humans found out that dogs could be trained to locate, chase and collect prey, they have been a constant companion on hunts. Four sub-categories have emerged from early gundogs, which are:

  • Retrievers – Retrieving gundogs are bred solely to retrieve and are required to sit and ignore distractions until given the command.
  • Spaniels – Spaniels have been bred and expertly trained to hunt and flush game, which is helped by their high energy and intelligence.
  • Setters and pointers – Setters and pointer gundogs have been bred to seek out the hard to find game and freeze, indicating the location of the game.
  • Hunt, point and retrieve – Bred to be versatile, able to hunt, point and retrieve. A multi-tasking dog, they are increasingly popular today for game shooters and hunters who want all-round dogs which can be trained in several disciplines.

Whatever breed your dog, you will know that they want to ‘work’ all day, every day! They have boundless energy and love spending time in the great outdoors. Even the coldest, wettest weather won’t deter them from a good run around!

But no matter how skilled and trained either you or your dog are, accidents can happen. Make sure that both you and your dog have the right cover to make sure you are safe and well looked after before participation in your chosen pursuit.

Our Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance covers Gun Dog Working and Training, Stalking and Flushing Out, Retrieving, Protecting Game, Terrier Work, Hunting Rabbits and Rats, Rescue of Wild Animals, Dog Trials, Dog Displays, Amateur Dog Shows and Dog Training. All subject to compliance with legislation on ownership of dangerous animals.

For your piece of mind, you should know; all of our Insured benefits are underwritten by carefully selected specialist and leading UK Insurers in the Lloyds and London market, all of whom are fully UK Authorised and FCA regulated.

Did you know we offer Gun Dog Insurance?

So if you and your best friend are headed out this season, you can be sure that they are just as taken care of as you are. We also offer special discounts for all C³ Members who take out an insurance policy with Vetsure VetSure Pet Insurance®.

Tales from our Members - it is all about you!

21st August 2019


We need you!

We would love to know more about YOU! Where does your sport take you? Where have you been and what have you seen?

Would you be willing to tell us a little about what you do? If you can provide images of your work in progress that would be fantastic!

Whether you bask in the statisfaction of a good shot, are an avid participant in live action role play, are fond of a quiet fishing break, revel in the odd ramble, enjoy the thrill of the hunt or anything else in between – we want to hear from you!

You will be shouted to across our Blog spot and your images may also appear across our media platforms. If you would like to get involved, please email g.tate@ccc3.co.uk or find us on Facebook or Twitter .

Introducing… Us!

1st August 2019


We are proud of all we have to offer and as we celebrate our 11th year in the Industry, we thought we’d tell you a little more about us…

Since 2008, Country Cover Club has built a reputation for insurance you can trust and the highest levels of customer service.

We provide cover for the most comprehensive range of country sports in the UK including; Shooting, Hunting, Fishing, Falconry, Ferreting, Working with Dogs, Archery, Re-Enactment, Rambling, Conservation and much more! You can visit our Country Sports Insurance page for a complete list of Insured Activities and full details of each Insurance Benefit.

But "where did it all begin?" you might ask - well … in 2007 the founder of Country Cover Club, Jerry Parks Young decided it was time to start his own insurance club, having been working or training with the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association ( CPSA ) since 1986. So together with a financial advisor and lifelong friend Moshe Hadari Country Cover Club was born. The Insurance Club was initially for shooting sports - but over the past 11 yrs many further sports have been added, notably Re-enactment being the second most popular activity. About 30,000 covers have been provided so far.

We know that sometimes you might want to invite a friend along, or arrange a group activity and as such, we offer two day cover, which is perfect for a weekend or guest participation. We are the only country pursuits Insurance specialists to offer this duration of cover.

We also recognise that many country sports use specialist equipment which can be costly to replace if it gets damaged or stolen. With this in mind we provide Members with the option to include cover for guns and other sporting equipment within their Membership.

The whole team at C³ are fully invested in making obtaining Insurance as simple as possible for customers, so the joining process is quick and easy, providing instant access to your printable Evidence of Insurance certificate.

Full terms & conditions of membership are detailed in the C³ Schedule of Membership.