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We'd like to introduce… Ian Summerell

14th July 2020


We are pleased to announce that Ian Summerell, Gunmaker, is the latest to join us as a Trade Associate.

Ian has been making (and repairing) rifles, shotguns and knives since he left school at 15 and is a Registered Firearms Dealer. Despite the current Pandemic, Ian's business is thriving and he can be contacted for an appointment. He also enjoys shooting and fishing, and in fact, wrote the book, The Art of Decoying, Pigeons and Corvids so he really does know a thing or two about Country Sports and Living.

He has been running popular YouTube channel, Country Sports TV since 2006, covering topics such as The Country Code and How to Shoot. Ian's claim to fame with the channel came when it was still in its infancy. In 2008 he was at the CLA Game Fair taking pictures and video for Countrymen Weekly. He was filming the Long Service Award for Keepers and the Duke of Edinburgh was distributing the awards. This made Ian the first person to upload the DoE onto YouTube.

In his spare time, Ian enjoys gardening. His family have gardened on the same patch of land for five generations. Since lockdown, and the slowdown of gunsmith work, Ian and his partner have embraced their green fingers and the ability to grow their own food in a sustainable manner.

If you are interested in finding out more about Ian, you can head on over to his website.

Lazy Summer days are headed our way…

5th June 2020


Despite the rough start to 2020, Summer has not lost its magic. In fact, this summer is a great time to get out and about and explore the Great British countryside.

With the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic still being felt worldwide, including travel and border restrictions, the UK Government advises British nationals against all but essential international travel. You can keep up to date with the latest travel and guidance from the UK's Foreign Office .

Don't let travel restrictions dampen your Summer vibes though. From Beaches to Forests, there is so much on our doorstep that is ripe for exploration and discovery.

This month, to help bring your Summer into perspective, we will be giving away a pair of KONUS PROXIMO binoculars over on our Facebook page. Why not head on over to find out more and get involved?

The Konus Proximo Binoculars feature BaK-4 prisms and multi-coated lenses that produce incredibly clear images in the dimmest conditions. These qualities make this model an excellent all-rounder tool and great for astronomy lovers and those who enjoy nature and wildlife spotting in the early morning or late evening.

One Membership with C³ covers a huge range of recreational activities, so if you love getting out and about in the great outdoors, head on over to our Country Sports Insurance page to see if your passion can be accompanied by peace of mind.

Better with friends…

15th May 2020


Thankfully, even during these testing times it is still possible to get out and enjoy the Great British Countryside. Although you might not be able to do everything you would like to, spending time in the fresh air is a great way to clear the mind and re-energise the body.

Did you know that our insurance covers Rambling, Cross-Country Running and Cycling?

Whilst out for your daily exercise, you could use the opportunity to take in the plants and animals in your surrounding area, getting to know species that are local to you. Not an expert at identifying plants or critters? Not a problem - there are apps for that! Such as PlantNet, which helps identify plants with pictures and Picture Insect, which identifies insects. Both of these apps are available on Apple and Android devices and if these don’t suit, we are sure you can find one to suit you. Providing you have your smartphone with you, all you will need to do is take a quick pic and upload it for instant identication.

By sharing your findings, as well as photos of plants and animals, you can turn this into a fun activity to do "with friends" whilst maintaining appropriate social distancing. It's always nice to have shared interests, so why not encourage a friend to get out and get involved too? Passion inspires enthusiasm, so if you're keen your friends might want to join in too.

Not only that, but we also run a Recommend a Friend scheme enabling you to earn up to £5 for every new Member you recommend. Rewards can be claimed as your choice of C³ Discount Code, Amazon Voucher or as a Charity Donation. Want to find out more? Head on over to our Recommend a Friend page to find out more.

Please visit the Country Sports Insurance page for a complete list of Insured Activities including definitions and exclusions.

We’d like to introduce… Next Generation Shooting

15th April 2020


We take great pride in the companies that join us as Trade Associates to help us offer fantastic benefits to being a C³ Member.

The latest company to come onboard is Next Generation Shooting. Founded to help youngsters and new adults experience shooting and field sports across the UK. They run a range of events including simulated clay days, gundog first aid training and have been involved in field sports days including gundogs, falconry, ferreting, clay pigeon shooting, deer tracking and master class clay events.

We asked them what their top tip is when it comes to training the next generation?

"The love of fieldsports usually happens as a natural occurrence and is something that shouldn’t be forced, once is it experienced it is something that you will definitely want to make a habit of. Always let youngsters develop at their own pace; beating is a good starter, it gives them a feel of the environment, safety and general knowledge of the sport."

Run by a team with different ranges of field knowledge and strengths, NGS are passionate about getting the whole family out and into the field. To that end, they also run an online shop, where C³ Members can claim a 20% discount off all House of Cheviot socks.

Find out more about the range of great Members' only benefits made available by our carefully selected Insurance Partners and Trade Associates by heading over to our Member Benefits page.

Coronavirus and Shooting

25th March 2020


On 23rd March the government issued clear advice that people must stay at home and avoid all non-essential travel.

This has left Members asking whether they can still shoot? Current guidelines on this are unclear, however we have it on good authority that Recreational shooting of any kind is not permitted at present.

We urge members to adhere to government advice by staying at home. Where shooting may be deemed essential, for example pest control to ensure continued food production, shooters should inform their local Firearms Officer of where they were going and why.

In some areas firearms officers are advising that pest birds should be controlled by other means and shooting them is therefore not an essential task and not permitted during lockdown. Members are reminded that they must double check with their local firearms officer before going out shooting or they may risk prosecution. Where applicable, it is advisable to have evidence from the farmer that other methods of pest control have been tried and found to be ineffective.(Amendment made 15.04.2020)

If you do go out, either go alone or with other members of your own household. If more shooters are going to the same area from different households, everyone should travel separately, practise social distancing and maintain strong personal hygiene on arrival. This includes retaining a minimum of 2m (6ft) from any other person, using hand sanitiser before and after touching surfaces like stiles and gates (or wear gloves and wash them on a hot wash afterwards), avoid touching your face and always wash your hands with soap and hot water on your return home.

Taking part in purely recreational shooting, or any other recreational country sports activity (apart from a single daily form of exercise such as a walk, run or bike ride) during this lock-down period may invalidate your insurance.

Remember, anyone can spread the virus, and it is possible to be a carrier without showing any symptoms. It is extremely important that we limit the spread of Coronavirus in order to slow the outbreak and reduce the pressure on the NHS and emergency services. We therefore urge all members to follow government advice and stay at home.

This situation is one that is evolving rapidly; the Government website is the best place to check for current advice and information regarding Coronavirus.

If you have any symptoms of Coronavirus, which include a high temperature (fever) or a new, persistent cough, it is vital that you self-isolate for 7 days to prevent further spread of the virus. If you live in a household with others the whole household must isolate for 14 days as it is likely the virus will pass between household members. To protect others, do not go to places like a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital. If you are self-isolating ask your employer, friends and family to help you to get the things you need to stay at home. It is also important to continue to wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds, each time using soap and water, or use hand sanitiser. If you feel you cannot cope with your symptoms at home, or your condition gets worse, or your symptoms do not get better after 7 days, then use the NHS 111 online coronavirus service. If you do not have internet access, call NHS 111.

For more information on Coronavirus and what to do if you show symptoms please visit the NHS website.

Covid-19… Managing Social Distancing…

17th March 2020


Times are a little fraught at the moment due to the unknown of the new novel corona virus and the looming possibility of social distancing. But what does that actually mean and how would it affect our Members?

The Government website is the best place to check for current advice and information regarding Covid-19.

Social distancing is a measure to keep people out of crowded areas and therefore could include things like temporarily reducing socialising in public places such as entertainment or sports events, reducing use of non-essential public transport, closing educational facilities or recommending more home working. As such, you should be aware that many events and public gatherings are being cancelled including the Royal Bath and West Showground in Shepton Mallet on 22nd and 23rd March.

If you know of any other events/shows being cancelled in your area, why not Tweet or Facebook us so we can pass the message on to other members.

The virus is known to affect older people and people with existing ill health conditions and is highly contagious, therefore anyone with any cold/flu like symptoms are currently (at the time of publication) being advised to stay at home and self-isolate for seven days, in order to better establish whether they are suffering from the disease or standard cold/flu.

If you are feeling well in yourself, you don’t have to stay indoors. If you live in or near the countryside and fancy an amble, getting out in the fresh air either on your own or even in small groups could be a nice way of dealing with less social interaction. You do still need to be aware of a few hygiene related things, however. Such as the fact that the virus has been found to live on certain surfaces for differing lengths of time, therefore we would recommend using hand sanitizer after using stiles or gate latches, or wearing gloves for the duration of your outing and washing them in a hot wash on your return. You should be aware of sharing items used close to your face, such as guns or binoculars. Avoid touching your face and always wash your hands with soap and hot water on your return home.

If you have some symptoms but are unsure if you might be suffering from the virus, you are advised not to head out to club meetings or meet up with friends, however the countryside can offer some respite and solitary country pursuits such as fishing, hunting, hiking and bush-crafting will get you out in the fresh air offering you some head space and keeping you busy doing something you enjoy.

If you do end up in self isolation, but you are a keen huntsman/woman, now could be a great time to get some meat out of the freezer, look up some as yet untried recipes online and whip up a storm. Or take the time to catch up on the latest licencing rules and regulations that surround your sport. With technology at your fingertips, even in isolation you do not have to be alone, stay in touch with family and friends via video calls. Keep up to date with latest news and views and remember "This too shall pass."

If you start to feel unwell stay home, if your symptoms progress contact 111 for medical advice. We wish all our Members well.

GUEST BLOGGER - Introducing Jonathan Young…

10th March 2020


Jonathan Young, airgun enthusiast and airgun sports writer for Airgun Hobbyist magazine, Airgun Shooter magazine and resident airgun writer on Gunstar's Blog shares a few thoughts on shooting and insurance…

For many years the airgun was something to progress away from, left sat in the back of the wardrobe as people bought their first .410 or .22lr. Today things have come full circle and the airgun is back in vogue with new designs and innovations meaning the hobby will never get dull.

It's been a rocky time however for both airgun enthusiasts and all our shooting sports, with legislation limiting or removing freedoms. Public awareness and opinion has been polarised all too easily and our activities now face scrutiny from every angle. Today its not unheard of for a member of the public to report someone being seen "out with a gun" with armed Police turning up to investigate, when that somebody is shooting lawfully on their granted permission site.

In such gloomy times legal advice should be paramount. In today's climate it is the only issue of real importance to me when I use or keep a weapon. Having someone to turn to if and when something negative happens is vital. At all other times it simply brings some peace of mind.

Country Cover Club popped up on the horizon. Who? What's this? Cover for shooting and country pursuits? Reasonable fees with easy and fast payment too. I signed up quicker than a squirrel running up a tree.

Shoot safe and shoot straight.

Jonathan J. Young - Airgun sports writer

Shooting Seasons Explained…

5th February 2020


It is well known that most game can be legally hunted during the autumn and winter but why and what are the dates?

The 'closed season' is when shooting is not allowed. This is in place to protect animals when they are breeding and rearing their young to ensure numbers are not depleted.

Animals that are pests or vermin such as rabbits, pigeons and muntjac deer have no closed season so culling them controls their populations. These animals breed all year round so it is impossible to define a single breeding season.

These dates indicate the shooting season across England and Wales:

Birds Dates
Red Grouse 12 August - 10 December
Partridge (grey & red-legged) 1 September - 1 February
Pheasant 1 October - 1 February
Pigeon No closed season
Wild Fowl Dates
Mallard, teal, widgeon and other ducks (inland) 1 September - 31 January
Mallard, teal, widgeon and other ducks (below high water mark) 1 September - 20 February
Snipe 12 August - 31 January
Woodcock 1 October - 31 January
Furred Dates
Hare 1 January - 31 December (England & Wales) but can only be sold between 1 August and 28 February
Rabbit No closed season
Squirrel No closed season
Venison (England & Wales) Dates
Muntjac Deer No closed season
Roe Deer Bucks: 1 Apr - 31 Oct / Does: 1 Nov - 31 March
Fallow Bucks: 1 Aug - 30 April / Does: 1 Nov - 31 March
Red Deer Stags: 1 Aug - 30 Apr / Hinds: 1 Nov - 31 March

Game shooting seasons differ across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, so the above can be used as a guideline only. You should always check locally before shooting anything which may have a closed season, as variations can occur.

Fishing for compliments…

7th January 2020


With the New Year upon us, you might be thinking it's time to start afresh and give your mind and body a bit of a boost.

Finding something that you enjoy, is good for your health and helps relax your body and mind can be tricky… Have you ever considered fishing though?

Nearly anyone, irrespective of age, fitness ability, or income level, can get started with fishing. And better still, this outdoor sport is one of the most accessible you could choose to participate in.

So the health benefits… well, by going fishing your main muscle groups, heart and lungs are all getting a good work out. It engages the shoulders, back, arms, core and legs in an active workout. And the setting up, casting off and winding calls for a bit of strength!

Walking to your local fishing spot or choosing a location that is a 10 to 15 minute walk from your car is a boost to aerobic exercise too!

Fishing can also be a great opportunity to switch off from the stresses and pressures of everyday life. It is a chance to be mindful and really take in 'this' moment and connect with the world around you. Listen the sounds of nature, flowing water, birds singing and enjoy the scenery surrounding you.

But not only can fishing be a workout and a chance to take a moment for yourself… Eating your quarry has a multitude of proven health benefits! The NHS website even states that "Most of us should have more fish in our diet… "

So if you are thinking about taking up fishing this year,why not consider us for peace of mind?

Our Master Policies cover the most comprehensive range of activities available under any Country Sports members' scheme. One membership covers you for recreational activities including Angling,Wading, Netting and Trapping; Fish, Molluscs, Crustaceans and any other legal quarry; Inland and Coastal.

Find out more about our Country Sports Insurance .

Stop me if I’m Rambling…

18th December 2019


With Christmas fast approaching, now is the time of year people traditionally start thinking about New Year Resolutions and how they can improve on themselves and their lifestyle.

We all know exercise is healthy and good for us in a multitude of different ways, but it can be quite hard to get motivated and get started.

Rambling is a great way to get out in the fresh air and an easy way to add some physical activity to your day. Also, unlike some sports, except for the most demanding walks you don’t even need much specialist equipment so it can cost you next to nothing!

Not sure where to head to? Many towns and cities have 'heritage trails' which mainly follow streets and pavements, introducing you to the history and the architecture of the town. On the outskirts of cities you will often find Country Parks, usually with signed walking routes and some paths suitable for disabled people.

A lot of communities have dedicated walking/rambling groups set up, so even if you are starting out alone, it can be quite a social activity.

As with taking up any new sport though, it is always best to be prepared. We offer cover for the most comprehensive range of country sports in the UK including Rambling, Hiking, Walking and Hill-Walking. And better still, our fully automated online system makes joining C³ quick and simple. As soon as payment has been processed your Evidence of Insurance Certificate is available for immediate download! You can even choose from a range of membership terms and a start date to suit you. Head over to Country Sports Insurance to find out more about our cover.

Deer Stalking in the UK

20th November 2019


As the November Deer Season is now open, we thought we would touch on the history of this quintessentially English country sport…

Deer stalking initially began in the highlands and moors of the UK and has spread throughout much of the world as a result of British influence. England, Scotland and Wales are home to a wide variety of deer species, including native red deer, fallow deer, and roe deer, as well as a host of introduced deer species from around the world, including sika deer, Pere David deer, hog deer, muntjac, and Chinese water deer.

Stalking is carried out for a number of reasons. The main reason is to control the population. Since wolves became extinct in the UK, deer do not have any natural predators.

Another reason in more recent times is that; as we become a nation of 'foodies', venison is increasingly becoming a more mainstream meat on British plates.

Deer stalking in 2019 is as popular as it ever has been. Across the country (with the exception of Middlesex that has no wild deer) deer numbers are managed through stalking.

Most stalking takes place in either the early hours of the morning or late at night. Only in Scotland and the Lake District that have large, open hillsides is deer stalking done during the day.

Here at C³ we understand how important it is to our Members that they are sufficiently covered for every situation whilst participating in any Country Sport. To give you peace of mind every Member is covered under our Master Policies for:


Insurance is valid throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland. Cover across the European Union and Worldwide also available.

Brexit… The Effect on our Members…

24th October 2019



We are proud to offer our members a great range of benefits, including market leading country sports insurance, at unbeatable value for money. And despite the turmoil and questions that my may be rasied as we exit the EU, members of C³ can expect just plain old business as usual from our cover!

This will be a great relief to our customers, especially those in Ireland.

Unfortunately, as you may or may not be aware, the Irish leisure/outdoor pursuits market is currently in a state of disarray. When the largest Insurer pulled out of the market in April/May 2019, many operators (adventure parks, water parks, Paintball, Splatball, rock wall climbing, zipwire, camping, bushcraft etc etc) were left operating illegally – with no Public Liability cover.

Here at C³ we anticipated the possible effect Brexit could have on our members, and pre-empted any issues that may have arisen, therefore ensuring all members, whether in UK, ROI or will have continuous and seamless cover under the C³ membership.

Man’s Best Friend

3rd September 2019


Taking your friend out for the day is a great bonding experience and that doesn’t differ whether your friend is human or canine.

Ever since humans found out that dogs could be trained to locate, chase and collect prey, they have been a constant companion on hunts. Four sub-categories have emerged from early gundogs, which are:

  • Retrievers – Retrieving gundogs are bred solely to retrieve and are required to sit and ignore distractions until given the command.
  • Spaniels – Spaniels have been bred and expertly trained to hunt and flush game, which is helped by their high energy and intelligence.
  • Setters and pointers – Setters and pointer gundogs have been bred to seek out the hard to find game and freeze, indicating the location of the game.
  • Hunt, point and retrieve – Bred to be versatile, able to hunt, point and retrieve. A multi-tasking dog, they are increasingly popular today for game shooters and hunters who want all-round dogs which can be trained in several disciplines.

Whatever breed your dog, you will know that they want to ‘work’ all day, every day! They have boundless energy and love spending time in the great outdoors. Even the coldest, wettest weather won’t deter them from a good run around!

But no matter how skilled and trained either you or your dog are, accidents can happen. Make sure that both you and your dog have the right cover to make sure you are safe and well looked after before participation in your chosen pursuit.

Our Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance covers Gun Dog Working and Training, Stalking and Flushing Out, Retrieving, Protecting Game, Terrier Work, Hunting Rabbits and Rats, Rescue of Wild Animals, Dog Trials, Dog Displays, Amateur Dog Shows and Dog Training. All subject to compliance with legislation on ownership of dangerous animals.

For your piece of mind, you should know; all of our Insured benefits are underwritten by carefully selected specialist and leading UK Insurers in the Lloyds and London market, all of whom are fully UK Authorised and FCA regulated.

Did you know we offer Gun Dog Insurance?

So if you and your best friend are headed out this season, you can be sure that they are just as taken care of as you are. We also offer special discounts for all C³ Members who take out an insurance policy with Vetsure VetSure Pet Insurance®.

Tales from our Members - it is all about you!

21st August 2019


We need you!

We would love to know more about YOU! Where does your sport take you? Where have you been and what have you seen?

Would you be willing to tell us a little about what you do? If you can provide images of your work in progress that would be fantastic!

Whether you bask in the statisfaction of a good shot, are an avid participant in live action role play, are fond of a quiet fishing break, revel in the odd ramble, enjoy the thrill of the hunt or anything else in between – we want to hear from you!

You will be shouted to across our Blog spot and your images may also appear across our media platforms. If you would like to get involved, please email g.tate@ccc3.co.uk or find us on Facebook or Twitter .

Introducing… Us!

1st August 2019


We are proud of all we have to offer and as we celebrate our 11th year in the Industry, we thought we’d tell you a little more about us…

Since 2008, Country Cover Club has built a reputation for insurance you can trust and the highest levels of customer service.

We provide cover for the most comprehensive range of country sports in the UK including; Shooting, Hunting, Fishing, Falconry, Ferreting, Working with Dogs, Archery, Re-Enactment, Rambling, Conservation and much more! You can visit our Country Sports Insurance page for a complete list of Insured Activities and full details of each Insurance Benefit.

But "where did it all begin?" you might ask - well … in 2007 the founder of Country Cover Club, Jerry Parks Young decided it was time to start his own insurance club, having been working or training with the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association ( CPSA ) since 1986. So together with a financial advisor and lifelong friend Moshe Hadari Country Cover Club was born. The Insurance Club was initially for shooting sports - but over the past 11 yrs many further sports have been added, notably Re-enactment being the second most popular activity. About 30,000 covers have been provided so far.

We know that sometimes you might want to invite a friend along, or arrange a group activity and as such, we offer two day cover, which is perfect for a weekend or guest participation. We are the only country pursuits Insurance specialists to offer this duration of cover.

We also recognise that many country sports use specialist equipment which can be costly to replace if it gets damaged or stolen. With this in mind we provide Members with the option to include cover for guns and other sporting equipment within their Membership.

The whole team at C³ are fully invested in making obtaining Insurance as simple as possible for customers, so the joining process is quick and easy, providing instant access to your printable Evidence of Insurance certificate.

Full terms & conditions of membership are detailed in the C³ Schedule of Membership.