Country Sports Insurance

We understand how important it is to our Members that they are sufficiently covered for every situation whilst participating in Country Sports. To give you peace of mind every Member is covered under the C³ Master Policies for:

  • £12 million Public Liability Cover

    Limit of Indemnity: £12,000,000 (£12 million) in any one occurrence.

    Indemnity is provided in respect of claims made against any C³ Member for Compensation, including Costs and Expenses incurred (with consent), as a result of accidental Bodily Injury, accidental Property Damage; or obstruction, loss of amenities, trespass, nuisance or interference with any right of way, light, air or water: caused by an event, during participation in an Insured Activity, neither expected nor intended by the Member.


    Standard Capital Benefit: £10,000

    If, during the membership period, a C³ Member suffers an accidental Bodily Injury whilst engaged in an Insured Activity and such activity is the sole, direct and independent cause of the injury, which occasions disablement and or medical treatment within 12 calendar months of the accident, then we shall pay the benefits, up to £10,000, as stated in the Summary of Insurance.

    Enhanced Personal Accident Insurance of £50,000 may be purchased in conjunction with any C³ Standard Membership for an additional £9.95.


    Claim Limit: £100,000 in any one claim | £100,000 in any one period of membership

    Certificate Appeal

    Cover is provided for Professional Legal Fees incurred as a result of the suspending, revoking, curtailing, altering the terms of or refusing to renew the Member’s firearm of shotgun certificate licence(s) provided to the member in accordance with legislation current at the time of issue; or the failure to grant the Member a firearm or shotgun certificate; or the failure to grant a variation to the Member’s firearm or shotgun certificate.

    Criminal Prosecution Defence

    Cover is provided for Professional Legal Fees incurred in the defence of criminal Legal Proceedings brought against the Member as a result of any act in relation to a C³ Insured Activity where they alleged to be in breach of firearms legislation.

Insurance valid throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland. Cover across the European Union and Worldwide also available.

We ask all members to read the C³ Summary of Insurance document to ensure that the Insurance Benefits afforded by C³ membership are suitable for their needs. . The current list of Insured Activities is available below. For full terms and conditions of current policies please download our Public Liability & Personal Accident Master Policy Wording & Legal Policy Wording documents.

All Insured benefits are underwritten by carefully selected specialist and leading UK Insurers in the Lloyds and London market, all of whom are fully UK Authorised and FCA regulated.

As well as great insurance benefits we also offer members peace mind with our network of legal experts which includes:

  • 24-Hour Revocation of Licence and Legal Advice Helpline
  • Free Personal Accident and Injury Solicitors Service
  • Free Consultation with Specialist Shotgun, Firearms, Explosives and Licence Revocation Solicitor

Details and offers are as per the Schedule of Membership and the current Master Policies in force at the time of claim and are subject to full payment of Membership fees. C³ reserves the right to add, amend or withdraw Membership benefits at any time.


Insured Country Sports Activities

As well as Shooting Insurance the C³ Master Policies cover the most comprehensive range of activities available under any Country Sports members' scheme. One membership covers you for recreational activities of:

  • Shooting

    All legal Sporting Shooting and activities connected therewith; Shotgun, Airgun and Rifle Shooting, Breech or Muzzle Loading, Target and Clay Shooting including Trapping and Scoring, Live Quarry Shooting, Practical Shotgun, Pistol Target Shooting, Air-Soft, Paintball and Laser Tag. Excluding Combat Shooting.


    Hunting Game, Deer, Vermin and any other legal quarry and activities connected therewith; Stalking, Rough Shooting / Walked Up Game, Driven Game, Beating, Loading and Picking Up, Wild Fowling, Water Fowling, Vermin/Pest Control, Trapping and Humane Dispatch.


    Hunting, Display and Racing.


    Gun Dog Working and Training, Stalking and Flushing Out, Retrieving, Protecting Game, Terrier Work, Hunting Rabbits and Rats, Rescue of Wild Animals, Dog Trials, Dog Displays and Dog Training. All subject to compliance with legislation on ownership of dangerous animals.


    Hunting and Target.


    Angling, Wading, Netting and Trapping; Fish, Molluscs, Crustaceans and any other legal quarry; Inland and Coastal.


    All legal forms of Archery including Longbow, Compound Bow and Crossbow; Target, Field and Flight.


    For demonstrations, by trained individuals only and subject to proper H&S assessment and written procedures.


    Including Blank Firing Weapons, Foam/Latex Props and Combat Systems and Blunted Steel/Metal props for competitive fighting displays but excluding Live Edged or Non-Blunted Pointed Weapons. Also including the caged / penned display and supervised handling of tame domestic animals up to a maximum weight of 250kg.

  • Rambling, Cross-Country Running & Cycling

    Including Hiking, Walking, Hill-Walking, Obstacle and Mud Running, and Canicross including Bikejor and Scooters. Also including cross-country cycling; on private land only, public roads may crossed on foot. Organised events only and excluding travel to and from such events.


    Including Firecraft, Shelter Building, Wild Camping, Nature Watching, Foraging and Cooking with 'Wild' Foods including Butchering, Nature Collecting, Pond Dipping and Insect/Butterfly Trapping and Netting. Including the use of hand tools but excluding the use of chainsaws and any other mechanical cutting device. Cover provided only to members who have attended an authorised course with a qualified bushcraft instructor and have been assessed and certified as being competent to carry out bushcraft activities outside of the controlled instructional area.


    Excluding any equestrian related incidents.


    UK territorial limits only.


    Motorised Boat not exceeding 10 Horsepower (hp), Hand, Oar, Paddle, Pedal, Pole and Wind Powered Craft. All not exceeding 10m in length and only whilst on inland waterways or inshore waters and excluding all white water.


Any equestrian related activity. Travel to and from any activity. Any activity where appropriate permissions have not been granted by the land owner or relevant authority. Any activity where the rules & regulations of the appropriate governing body have not been adhered to. Any activity carried out in a professional capacity. Any activity carried out illegally.

This list may be added to or amended at any time at C³'s discretion.


Need cover today or tomorrow? No problem! Our fully automated online system makes joining C³ quick and simple. As soon as payment has been processed your Evidence of Insurance Certificate is available for immediate download! Choose from a range of membership terms and a start date to suit you.

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Add Optional Insurances To your Sports Cover

Build a Membership package tailored to your needs with our range of Optional Insurance Benefits including EU Extension, Enhanced £50,000 Personal Accident Insurance, Loss of Income Insurance, Gun & Sporting Equipment Insurance and Professional Activities Extension. Our Optional Insurance Benefits can be add to the purchase of any new C³ membership or renewal.

You can download a copy of the C³ Flyer as a convenient reference. Full terms & conditions of Membership are detailed in the C³ Schedule of Membership.



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