Professional Activities Extension

We recognise that many of our members, as well as partaking in recreational Country Sports, also use their skills part-time in a semi-professional capacity. To make sure these members have adequate cover for any Professional Services they undertake we have negotiated a tailor-made Professional Activities Insurance extension, this includes:

  • £12MILLION PUBLIC LIABILITY COVER (for activities in a Professional capacity)

Members purchasing the Professional Activities Extension will receive two certificates of Membership; one for the standard (personal) recreational Country Sports Membership and one specifying details of Professional Activities Extension.

Authorised Professional Services

Each Member can choose up to 3 Professional Services to be covered under the Professional Activities Extension.

The following list of Professional Activities has been agreed with the underwriters:

  • Shooting Instruction
  • Pest Control
  • Beater / Picker-Up
  • Loader
  • Trapper
  • Archery Instruction
  • Archery Displays
  • Catapult Instruction
  • Re-Enactment, Living History and Live Action Role-Play Displays
  • Re-Enactment, Living History and Live Action Role-Play Instruction
  • Dog Displays
  • Dog Training
  • Falconry / Bird Displays
  • Falconry / Bird Instruction
  • Ferreting Displays
  • Ferreting Instruction
  • Fishing Instruction
  • Bushcraft Instruction*
  • Watercraft Instruction†

* Qualified Instructors taking groups with an Instructor/student ratio of 1 to 6 for Juniors and 1 to 12 for Adults.
† Qualified Instructors taking groups with an Instructor/student ratio of 1 to 4 for Juniors and 1 to 6 for Adults. Excluding all white water.

All Professional Activities are based on definitions in the Insured Activities list. Other professional services may be considered following a written application to Country Cover Club. This list may be added to or amended at any time at C³'s discretion.

Purchase with membership 

Terms of Professional Cover

Cover is provided for Members who, on occasion, need to act in a professional capacity (e.g. give a lesson or participate in public displays etc.), on a paid for or voluntary basis, and members who run micro-businesses within the country sports sector with up to £10,000 annual turnover. The cover provided is not suitable to provide indemnity for full time occupations or to replace a full business insurance policy.

By purchasing the Professional Activities Extension, the Member confirms that they are over 18 years of age, have a minimum of three years’ experience and a suitable level of competence in their declared Insured Professional Service(s) and hold relevant Professional qualifications where applicable. Members agree to abide by legal and national governing body guidelines pertaining to their declared Insured Professional Service(s) and to complete risk assessments where appropriate.

Cover (PL and PI) applies to the Member only and does not extend to any employees, assistants or helpers engaged by Member. Where a 3rd party participant is involved (e.g. during instruction) the insurance shall extend to cover the actions of the 3rd party participant whilst acting under the direct supervision and instruction of the Member. Professional Activities Extension also provides the Member with statutory required Employers Liability cover for their employees, assistants or helpers (whether paid for or otherwise).

Operative Time of Cover:
Whilst engaged in an Insured Professional Service, on a paid for or otherwise basis, subject to full unrestricted permission for such an activity having been granted beforehand at the location that this will be taking place and excluding whilst travelling to and from such locations.

Cover is limited to Members engaged in Insured Professional Services within the United Kingdom (defined as England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Scilly Isles, the Isle of Man, Channel Islands) and Republic of Ireland. EU & Worldwide extensions are available as an optional benefit, at an additional premium, please contact us for further details.

If you have any questions, would like to apply for a new activity to be added to the list of Authorised Professional Services or require any further information please contact us.