Shooting Insurance

Country Cover Club offers specialist shooting insurance cover to suit a wide range of recreational, legal shooting activities, from clay pigeon shooting, target shooting and rifle shooting through to pest control and game shooting. Every C³ membership includes:

  • £12 million Public Liability Cover

    Limit of Indemnity: £12,000,000 (£12 million) in any one occurrence.

    Indemnity is provided in respect of claims made against any C³ Member for Compensation, including Costs and Expenses incurred (with consent), as a result of accidental Bodily Injury, accidental Property Damage; or obstruction, loss of amenities, trespass, nuisance or interference with any right of way, light, air or water: caused by an event, during participation in an Insured Activity, neither expected nor intended by the Member.


    Standard Capital Benefit: £10,000

    If, during the membership period, a C³ Member suffers an accidental Bodily Injury whilst engaged in an Insured Activity and such activity is the sole, direct and independent cause of the injury, which occasions disablement and or medical treatment within 12 calendar months of the accident, then we shall pay the benefits, up to £10,000, as stated in the Summary of Insurance.

    Enhanced Personal Accident Insurance of £50,000 may be purchased in conjunction with any C³ Standard Membership for an additional £9.95.


    Claim Limit: £100,000 in any one claim | £100,000 in any one period of membership

    Certificate Appeal

    Cover is provided for Professional Legal Fees incurred as a result of the suspending, revoking, curtailing, altering the terms of or refusing to renew the Member’s firearm of shotgun certificate licence(s) provided to the member in accordance with legislation current at the time of issue; or the failure to grant the Member a firearm or shotgun certificate; or the failure to grant a variation to the Member’s firearm or shotgun certificate.

    Criminal Prosecution Defence

    Cover is provided for Professional Legal Fees incurred in the defence of criminal Legal Proceedings brought against the Member as a result of any act in relation to a C³ Insured Activity where they alleged to be in breach of firearms legislation.

  • 24-Hour Revocation of Licence and Legal Advice Helpline

Insurance valid throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland. Cover across the European Union and Worldwide also available. Full details of all the Country Cover Club insurance benefits, including a full list of Insured Activities, can be found on the Country Sports Insurance page.

Shooting Insurance FAQ

Many of Country Cover Club's members take part in shooting activities and we often get asked the same questions. To help you ensure you have the right cover for your needs we answer some of those questions below. If you have a specific enquiry not answered below please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help.

  • Do I need insurance to go shooting?

    Whilst it is not legally compulsory to hold insurance for shooting it is definitely advisable to do so. It is important to understand that generally household insurances do not cover these activities or your equipment, so it is a good idea to get a specialist policy in place to be certain you are fully protected for all eventualities!

    Most clubs, shooting grounds, farmers and land owners will require you to have proof of insurance before they will allow you to shoot. For more information about the shooting and country sports insurances offered by C³ please visit the visit the Country Sports Insurance page.

  • Why have shooting insurance?

    Whilst shooting accidents are rare, the risks involved with any shooting activity can be very high. When using firearms the potential to cause serious damage or injury increases and, as the risk increases, so does the potential for high payouts. However skilled and careful you are accidents happen, so your Public Liability cover (also sometimes known as 3rd Party insurance) is essential to protect you (and others) in the event of any accident.

    As well as financial peace of mind, having specialist insurance cover in place also means, in the event of a claim being made against you, the business of resolving that claim becomes the responsibility of the underwriters. They employ experts in the field so you don't have to worry about all the legalities

  • What level of cover do I need for shooting?

    Most shooting grounds, clubs, farmers and land owners will ask to see proof of Public Liability insurance before you shoot. The level of cover required may vary but the most common cover level required is £10million (£10,000 000).

    Country Cover Club Master Policies provide members with £12million (£12,000,000) Public Liability shooting insurance, so you can be sure to be covered for every situation.

    Many basic insurance policies provide only low levels of P/L, with your gun and accessories often not covered. With C³ membership you are covered up to £12m for all legal Sporting Shooting and Hunting and can easily tailor the cover you require to include gun and equipment protection and other Optional Insurances as well as liability cover.

  • How much does shooting insurance cost?

    The cost of shooting insurance can vary from as little as £20 up to £80 plus. Generally this does not include cover for guns and equipment which will vary considerably depending on their value. It is important when comparing shooting insurances to look at what cover is included as well as the price. Most of the cheapest options for shooting insurance will have an excess as standard and have lower cover levels for Public Liability; they are therefore not actually very useful. Many membership organistions, such as C³, include other insurances, such as Personal Accident and Legal Expenses for Licenece Revocation, to provide a more complete insurance package. We also offer additional Membership Benefits such as discounted Gun Dog Insurance and special offers from Shooting Grounds and Country Sports suppliers.

    At Country Cover Club our aim is to provide members with the best value shooting insurance possible. An Annual Membership is just £32.95 and every member is covered for:

    • £12 million Public Liability Insurance
    • £10,000 Personal Accident Insurance
    • £100,000 Legal Expenses Insurance

    We also offer short term cover from £18.95 and optional extras such as Travel Extensions, Enhanced Personal Accident Cover and Gun & Equipmemt Cover so that you are only paying for what you need. To become a C³ Member please complete the application form on the Buy Now page.

  • What types of shooting can I get cover for?

    Cover can be obtained for most recreational forms of shooting.

    C³ Membership provides insurance for all legal Sporting Shooting and activities connected therewith; Shotgun, Airgun and Rifle Shooting, Breech or Muzzle Loading, Target and Clay Shooting including Trapping and Scoring, Live Quarry Shooting, Practical Shotgun, Pistol Target Shooting, Air-Soft, Paintball and Laser Tag. Combat Shooting is excluded.

    We also cover hunting sports: Hunting Game, Deer, Vermin and any other legal quarry and activities connected therewith; Stalking, Rough Shooting / Walked Up Game, Driven Game, Beating, Loading and Picking Up, Wild Fowling, Water Fowling, Vermin/Pest Control, Trapping and Humane Dispatch.

    For a full list of all insured activities please visit the Country Sports Insurance page.

  • Can I get insurance for shooting abroad?

    Some organistions offer cover for shooting and hunting abroad but not all so you will need to check with your provider whether or not you can shoot outside the UK.

    Country Cover Club insurances are valid throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland. We also offer European Union and Worldwide travel extensions as an optional extra. These can be added to any membership for +£7.95 and +£12.95 respectively.

    C³ Travel Extensions provide the full £12million Public Liability and £10,000 Personal Accident cover for participation in all Insured Activities within the selected territory, subject to all local law being complied with. European Union Cover is valid in all member countries of the  EU, Worldwide Cover is valid around the world including up to 90 days in the USA or Canada in any one year. All cover is subject to UK law and jurisdiction.

  • Do I need a firearms licence or shotgun certificate to get shooting insurance?

    No, it is perfectly legal to go shooting without a firearms licence or shotgun certificate. For exmaple using a legal air weapon in accornce with VCR Act 2006 or using a rifle or shotgun in accordance with either Section 11 or Section 11A of the Firearms Act 1968. As such it is just as important that a person who doesn't hold a licence is still able to purchase insurance for shooting.

    Country Cover Club provides shooting insurance for all legal Sporting Shooting and Hunting(as well as a wide range of other Country Sports) regardless of whether the member holds a licence or not.

  • Can I obtain shooting insurance for persons aged under 18 years?

    Yes, many of our members like to share their hobby with members of the younger generation and, particularly given their inexperience, it is important that they have cover too.

    Our Public Liability insurance policies cover members of any age for reacreational shooting, hunting and other country sports, subject to any legal requirements for that sport being met. Please refer to the C³ Summary of Insurance for details of limitations to the Personal Accident policy for members under 18 years of age.

    Did you know: if you Recommend a Friend or family member (of any age) to Country Cover Club we'll send you up to £5 reward for every recommendation? You can claim your reward as your choice of Amazon Voucher, C³ Discount Code (to use on your renewal or another new membership) or make a charity donation.

  • I'm part of a shooting syndicate, can I get insurance for the whole group?

    Most specialist Countrt Sports Associations cater for syndicates and groups as well as individuals.

    Country Cover Club offers syndicate membership for groups of 10 or more at a discounted rate of £26.95 per member per annum. As well as the standard £12million Public Liability cover, syndicates benefit from £10million Employers Liability insurance (to cover beaters, pickers up and other employees of the shoot) and the option to insure Guests for just £2.95 per guest per day.

    To find our more, or make a Syndicate / Group application, please visit the Syndicates & Groups page.

For full details of all of the insurance benefits available to C³ members, including our master policy wording and full terms and conditions, please visit the visit the Country Sports Insurance page.

Visit the C³ Blog page for our latest news, updates and special offers.

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